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Friday, December 10, 2010

I can’t believe we fixed the whole thing!!!!

Well, first, let’s go back to yesterday……when we last left this exciting tale of suspence, we were awaiting the final fix on the slide and getting ready for departure…..However, Thursday morning we discovered a leak from the toilet.  Actually, this leak had been there all along and was masked by the problem with the sprayer.  Once we fixed the sprayer, I thought the problem was gone.

But not so fast…..there was another leak and when the tech troubleshot it, he found the cause and, well, if you’ve been reading the past few entries, you know what happened next…..yup, that’s right, we needed a special part….and of course, it would arrive on the next truck which would come sometime on Friday between 10 and noon.

But wait, there’s more…..of course the truck doesn’t come till 1:45 today.  Fortunately, it had the part on it.  So, by 4:30, all was fixed.

Of course, it was too late to go anywhere.  So we plan to stay one more night (that will make 10! – more nights occupied in one place by any of our RV’s ever!) and then leave early tomorrow and possibly make it to Pismo Beach all in one 400 mile day.

Now get this…..and this isn’t just a Christmas story……the folks here are DeMartini have about 40 hours all told in the various repairs.  Additionally, there are numerous parts (roller, gears, thermistor, toilet seal, valve seal, rubber hose, slide strips, slide lube, bolts, slide panel, etc.) that were needed for the various repairs.  Probably close to $5,000 minimum is the bill.  And of course, our warranty ran out in mid October.

At this point, there is no charge!  They are going to bat to get Fleetwood to cover it all.  Yes it took 10 days, but these guys refused to treat just the symptoms.  In every case, they wanted to know why something wasn’t working and how to permanently fix it.  And then they applied the fix!

And throughout this time, we stayed for free with full hookups in their RV area which we now call Camp DeMarini.  We were there long enough to consider ourselves camp hosts!!!

If you are an RVer reading this, it is worth it to drive the 1200 mile round trip for this kind of expertise and service.  It is so rare these days that when you find it, you need to make sure you use it.

Hopefully, if all goes well tonight, we will leave early in the morning and head south to warm, sunny weather!

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Judy and Emma said...

Wow! No charge? That's wonderful. :)