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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hang ‘em!

Yesterday we knew we had a free day while waiting for our part to arrive, so we decided on a trip down highway 49 to Placerville.  Highway 49 takes you from Grass Valley south through Auburn and then onto Placerville.  If you go beyond Placerville, you eventually come to Sonora and down near Yosemite.  We would have liked to have gone further, but time didn’t allow it.

Highway 49 in Auburn can be a bit confusing as there are several turns you need to make on local streets to follow the highway.  While they put signs on most of the turns telling you which way to go to follow 49, in one case they didn’t.  Of course, since we were trying to go south, in the absence of a sign and you need to turn north or south, a reasonable person would pick south by default.  Do that and you get a great tour of Auburn’s older section, but not the road you really want.  After getting some local input, we got back in the right direction.

As you leave Auburn, the road has some very tight turns for about 6 miles.  You can’t go more than 20mph and most often are going considerably less.  While we could take the RV on this road, and it would do fine, it would really punish whoever is behind us as there is no place to pull over with a vehicle of any size.  So I see why RVs are not recommended.

The road straightens out in a town called “Cool” and remains fairly straight for about 17 miles,  Then the last 8 miles or so are curvy again and very slow.  Just as you get to the curves, there is Marshall Gold Discovery State Park where gold was first discovered.  We stopped there briefly and Carol got some great pics (see her blog).

Once we arrived in Placerville, we had lunch and then walked the town for some exercise.  This is an old town with some really old buildings, but all are well kept up.


In the center of town, there is a bell tower.  This bell was used to summon the citizens when there was a fire somewhere.  All would bring their buckets and come together to help put it out.


The town was originally called “Hangman” because of all the hangings they did there.  There was a tree in the center of town used for this and since Placerville is the county seat, the tree had a lot of business!  In the late 1800’s there was a building erected to replace the tree and the hangings ceased.  (hopefully the reason for them ceased too!)


On the way back, we had this great view of the I-80 bridge spanning the canyon of the north fork of the American River.  It appears to be about 250 to 300 feet high.

Today (Wednesday) we awaited the arrival of the UPS truck to bring our gear for our slide.  The truck arrived at about 10:30 so we quickly got the RV disconnected and ready to move.  I went up to verify that the part had arrived and I’m glad I did because it was not on the truck.  Somehow they messed up the shipping.  We were then told it would arrive by 3pm.  So we went back and hooked everything back up again.

At 2:30 the truck came and I called to verify that the part was delivered and it was.  So we quickly got everything ready again, unhooked everything, and started pulling in the slides, when they called and said they weren’t sure there would be enough time left in the day to get it done.  So, once again, we hooked everything back up and will now stay another night in Camp DeMartini.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30 they will install the gear and if all goes well, we will leave afterwards and head toward Pismo Beach.  We hope to get to Patterson on I-5 south of Tracy at a minimum.

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Judy and Emma said...

Ugh! All that hooking and unhooking is really a pain! Hope it finally gets resolved tomorrow. :)