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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Grass Valley, CA

We left Corning this morning at about 9:30 or so and arrived in Grass Valley at noon.  While it is only 100 miles, parts of it on Highway 20 are curvy and slow.  We pulled into DeMartini RV and was assigned to one of their 3 campsites with full hookups.


The roads were actually in good condition except for one.  My GPS gave us a “shortcut” that saved about 15 miles, but used a country lane for about 2 miles.  This lane was in great shape for the first 200 feet, but then degraded.  It was fully paved, but the potholes had been patched and repatched, so it was a bit bouncy.  But it quickly go better and I think the shortcut was worth it.  Highway 20 is also a bit narrow, but has frequent passing lanes.



As you can see above, we had great weather.  The forecast was for rain showers, but it was sunny all day and very mild temps.  They have some rather interesting signals along this road.  Double red lights!  I guess one for each eye or maybe since this is in California and they are big on diversity, they have these for those who are cross-eyed.


After getting settled, we drove to Nevada City.  One of the helpful techs at DeMartini told us of their Victorian Christmas festival to be held tonight, so we went to check the place out before it started.  Nevada City is a quaint little town and well worth seeing.


IMG_7606 IMG_7607

After a brief tour, we went to meet our niece, Keri for an early dinner.  It was great seeing her during her lunch hour (she works a split shift at a vet clinic).  Tomorrow night, we meet her mom and another niece for dinner.

After dinner, we went to the Victorian Christmas Festival in Nevada City.


They close several streets in old town and there are booths for vendors to sell their wares as well as all the stores being open.  We parked at the government center and took a $5 shuttle to and from the festival location.

Tomorrow our RV goes in for some repairs.  Will write more about that after they are done.

Also, I didn’t mention this in an earlier blog entry as we were home at the time, but my local golf course, Green Mountain in Vancouver, had a 10th anniversary contest.  The grand prize was a trip for two to play Pebble Beach, Spyglass, and Spanish Bay and includes travel, meals, etc.  Suddenly, I had a lot of friends!  I’m actually going to take my 3 other golf partners (we play in scramble tournaments together) and plan to do it in May.  It should be a blast.  So we will be coming back to California in May in the RV.


John and Ellen said...

Great pics Dave! I enjoyed your story about the GPS. We have had many close calls with ours (Dr. Zaius - the keeper of all knowledge). About a month ago while traveling through PA, Dr. Zaius literally took us over a mountain and right up next to a corn field on what is today an old farmers road. I suppose sometime far in the past, the old farmers road was a real road. Today this farmers road simply remains in a database somewhere. Anyway, we were glad we were in our Subaru and not in the motorhome.

Gail Durham said...

We found out (the hard way) that you have to use a map as well as the GPS. Be safe out there.