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Saturday, December 11, 2010

386 miles and what do you get???

Well, we woke up early this morning and verified that there were no more leaks!  So about 7:30 or so, we mounted up and headed out.  We had foggy weather for the first 100 miles or so followed by overcast for all but 60 miles of the remainder.  The overcast made it much easier to drive as this time of year, the sun is low in the sky all day and we were heading right into it.  We made really good time and completed the 386 mile trek at just a few minutes after 3om.

We were able to pick our site from a list of about 8 or so and found one with good satellite reception.  It is so warm here that we grilled tube steaks for dinner!  Definitely shirt-sleeve weather!

Pismo Coast Village is a nice RV destination with all kinds of amenities.  You can even be a share owner here which lets you stay 45 days free per year.

Tomorrow is a day of rest (and Raider football!)

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