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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Gray as in Grayland

We arrived here on Monday afternoon about 3pm.  The weather is random rain and cool.  Monday night there were some really heavy showers and it really (and I mean really) rained hard most of the day.

The state park here has poor drainage, so there are some very large puddles.  They are large enough to be lakes so I suppose I should set about naming them.  We didn’t do much Tuesday due to the weather.  Just drove to some stores about 20 miles away to stock up on a few things.

Stopped raining at night with only a passing shower or two, not near as heavy as it was during the day.  Wednesday, the sky is clearing, the lakes puddles have pretty much dried up (sandy soil helps that process), and we are going to go out and get some exercise – probably drive up to Westport and go for a long walk.  We brought our bikes along, but the temp is in the 40s and too cold to ride.

Internet here is via cell phone.  No EVDO service, so it is slow, but at least reliable.  Am able to do everything I like to do (read paper, check on my Raiders, etc.) but it takes 2-3 times as long.  At least my cell phone extender is really helping – gives me 4 bars instead of the usual 1-2.  That doesn’t increase the speed at all, but does help avoid transmission errors.

So now the son is out, the sky is clear and I think we can emerge from our portable cocoon for a while.

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