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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Finally, a dry day!

The weather held good all day today and so we were able to do some exploring and get some exercise too.  First we went south to Tokeland.  This area is actually an Indian reservation and one of the better one’s I’ve seen.  The neighborhoods are well maintained and you can tell that folks here have some real pride in their community.  Many of the tribal buildings are relatively recent.

There is a casino here called Shoalwater Bay Casino, run by the Shoalwater tribe.  It too appears to have been built in the past few years.  We gassed the car up at a great Chevron station across the highway from the casino.  This station had such great access that I wish it was more on our way so I could fill the RV up here!


We drove all the way to the end of the road here which was by some piers on the bay.  There appeared to be some real activity going on at some of the dock areas so we didn’t get close in.  The area below appears more for tourists like us.  As you can see, we started getting some low clouds during the day, but now 6 hours later, the weather is unchanged.


After leaving Tokeland, we headed north to Westport.  This town on a peninsula, is one we have visited before.  We first visited the Gray’s Harbor Light Station.  The actual lighthouse was closed today and only open weekends.  This is the tallest lighthouse in Washington.  (later you will see why).


Just west of the lighthouse is a state park that also has a 1.25mile paved walking/biking path.  We walked a total of just over a mile on this path, having views of the ocean and surrounding beach grass areas.


On the return, we saw a different view of the lighthouse.  As you can see, it needs to be so tall to stick out above the surrounding trees.  Makes me wonder though, why they put it so far back from the beach.  There are no high hills or cliffs around here so you would think they would situate it as close as they could without fear of erosion.


We then went up to the marina area of Westport.  We walked another 3/4 of a mile or so along the shops, most of which are closed for the season.  There weren’t many cars there and it made it real easy to get around. 


There are many boats in the marina, either for fishing and crab trapping or for charter. 

IMG_7437After the walk, we had lunch at Bennet’s Fish Shack.  Overall not a bad place and the food was pretty good.


After lunch we returned to the RV to relax.  Tomorrow we head to Ocean City State Park, about an hour north of where we are now.  We will be meeting our friends Charlie and Pam who bought our old 2000 Bounder.


Sue and Doug said...

looks like you made the most of your day!..great photos!

John and Ellen said...

Great pictures Dave! The marina and restaurant look very appealing.