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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maryhill Sate Park, WA



This week we are spending some time at Maryhill State Park, about 100 miles east of Vancouver up the Columbia River Gorge.  It is a nice setting though is usually quite crowded.  But this time of year it is pretty empty (as I write this, only 4 RVs in about 50+ sites) and of course, since we have the senior pass, only costs $6 per night with hookups.



We arrived here yesterday afternoon about 1pm or so.  It was cloudy and breezy.  Today we awoke to clear skies and decided to take a ride into Oregon on some of the “blue line” roads.  We traveled south on highway 97 through several small towns.


The first small town we explored was Wasco.  This was a quiet town, not much happening there.  On the main street, several shops were vacant so overall, it doesn’t look like the local economy is prospering.IMG_7231

Here is the old high school.  Looks like it was abandoned several years ago.  May be an administrative facility now, could not tell for sure.    IMG_7235When leaving the town to the west, we saw several of the mountains our area is famous for.  The above is Mt. Adams in WA.    IMG_7239

Ever feel like this windmill some days?  Rough day, kind of a bent spirit with your tail dragging?  This one has seen better days!


Above is a picture of Mt.Hood Oregon.IMG_7241

Grass Valley is the county seat for Sherman County.  Above is the county courthouse, built in 1899.

We drove all the way down to where highway 97 intersects with 197 and then turned north to Maupin, OR.             IMG_7255

The Deschutes river runs through Maupin and it is a common launch point for river rafters.  The current is pretty strong in the river which helps make it a popular rafting location. IMG_7257

Here is our campsite at Maryhill.  Tomorrow we may explore Goldendale as it is supposed to rain.  Then Friday I will probably leave Carol here in the RV and drive home for my Friday night varsity game and 2 Saturday CCYF playoff games.  After that, I will drive back out and we will most likely stay till Monday when I have another game that evening.   IMG_7260 Above is one of the trees in Maryhill park all decked out in its fall colors.  Not too many of the trees have turned here yet, but this one sure has.

We are thinking of making a trip to CA after Thanksgiving.  We need to visit the dealer in Grass Valley CA where we bought the rig.  We are still having problems with the bedroom slide.  While our warranty period is over, Fleetwood is willing to cover this since we had the problem during the warranty period.  (If you ever want to buy an RV, be sure to check out DiMartini RV in Grass Valley – they are top notch!).

We may also go to Las Vegas on that trip to meet our older son, Tim, and his wife Kiersten for a few days.  Many options for that trip to be decided upon.


Judy and Emma said...

I've had a few days like that windmill in the last month! :(

Sue and Doug said...

I feel like the windmill some days too..enjoy your time away..looks like a lovely park!!