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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Football takes a back seat

I arrived back at the RV yesterday afternoon about 5pm and was planning on posting to this blog about my football games on Friday night and Saturday.

But when I came into the RV, my wife, Carol, was in tears with the bad news that our blogger friends Bruce and Margie were tragically killed by a car while out for their morning walk.  Apparently the driver came off the freeway at a speed of 100mph jumped a fence and hit Bruce and Margie as they were walking on the side street.

We had the opportunity to spend time with Bruce & Margie when we met them twice this year.  We found them to be genuine and just great company as well as committed Christians.  I don’t have the opportunity to read and comment on blogs as much as Carol does, but Margie was a constant commenter on my blog, always with a gracious thought even though I never commented on hers.

These two people had a large following online and really set the standard for blogs, comments, and online friendships.  Many people learned their blogging habits from Margie’s posts. 

Some might wonder just how much online friends can really mean.  After all, they are online.  But we didn’t think of them as online friends, rather as friends who were online.  They were a great couple, and we all have felt a tremendous loss.  Thankfully, we know they are in a much better place now.  Yet we still grieve with their family and will keep them in our thoughts and prayers.


Sue and Doug said...

amen!..hugs to you and Carol..Bruce and Margie have left a huge void in our 'blogging family'

Ali said...

Thanks for sharing Dave....reading each post is so hard and yet so comforting to know that Bruce & Margie were well loved and will truly be missed by so many.