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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Football Results

Now to bring you up to date on last weekend.  After hearing about Bruce and Margie’s fatal accident, I really wasn’t in the mood to blog about football or anything else.  But in reality, she was such an avid blogger, that I know she’d want us to continue, so here goes.

My varsity game was a 3A level game between two evenly matched opponents.  The game was very close and well played until the 3rd quarter.  With 2 minutes left in the period, we had a major brawl on the field.  We quickly got everything under control and had to eject 3 players for throwing punches, swinging helmets, etc.  First ejection I had in 7 years.

By rule a player involved in a fight is ejected and cannot finish the game nor play in the next one either.  So the penalty is fairly stiff.  Didn’t seem to deter these three though.  Coaches of course kept saying their player was hit first.  (So if all players were hit second, who hit them first??? – the officials???)

Had two youth league games the next morning.  Both uneventful, thankfully!  I enjoy working the the kids as much as the varsity because you can really help teach them how to play the game with the right spirit and attitude.

Two more weeks left in the regular season, then off into playoffs.

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Wayne and Roberta said...

Glad you enjoy officiating the games, keeps you young working with the kids.