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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Best Laid Plans…..

When I woke up this morning I was thinking about what we might do today here at the beach.  Given the great weather conditions, I was thinking a nice bike ride would be perfect.  Carol asked me what did I want to do and I suggested it and she agreed.

I got online and checked the weather forecast and it said possible rain showers later in the day, so that sounded like first thing in the morning would be the best time.

So we had breakfast and got ready inside to go riding.  But when we stepped out, it was misting fairly heavy.  The ground was already starting to collect moisture and we knew that our glasses would get wet and our clothes messy from the spray from the tires.  So there went that plan….

Instead we checked out a couple of venues for the concert series this weekend.  Also had lunch at one of our favorite spots up in Long Beach and then spent the afternoon relaxing in the RV.

Tomorrow, I’ll be heading home to work my football games.  Hopefully, I should arrive back at the RV by 5:30 or 6pm Saturday evening as there is a 7:30 concert that night we have tickets to attend.

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