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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

At the Beach (yup, again!) and Lovin’ It

So, here we are at our favorite beach (Cape Disappointment, WA).  We arrived yesterday about 1:30 and got everything all setup.  We brought both of our cars as well as the RV on this trip.  I need to go back home Friday morning because I have a varsity football game Friday night to officiate.  I also have 2 youth league games on Saturday morning.

So Carol has one car here to do her exploring and I’ll take the other one back to Vancouver on Friday.  There is a series of music concerts here in Ilwaco this weekend and we have tickets to them.  Carol is attending all while I will go to the ones while I am here.

Today we drove up to Ocean City State Park.  We will be staying there in November with our friends Charlie (another football guy) and his wife Pam.  We wanted to check out the park for its condition and cell signal.

Speaking of cell signal….this park has none!  That's right, no bars of signal.  Yet I am connected using my cell phone to the internet and able to do just about everything.  How you ask?

I have a device called a cell signal booster (Made by SmoothTalker) and by putting the antenna up on the roof, we are getting 2 bars of signal.  It is enough for both Carol and I to access the net and make/receive phone calls.  I’ve been a customer for about 6 years now and love the device!

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Margie M. said...

The Smooth Talker device sounds interesting. Is it only for Verizon customers?

Nice that you could get away for a few days at least. Enjoy the beach.