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Sunday, September 5, 2010

A small outing for the day

Carol and I decided to take a ride in the car for an outing today.  I don’t have any football games to work, so we have a free day.  (I will be reporting on my Friday night game in my next post.  So don’t worry, football fans, it is coming soon.)

If you read my blog back during our long RV trip, you will remember that I had trouble sleeping at high altitude.  Since I had lung surgery back in 2005, I only have about 76% of a normal person’s lung capacity, so I don’t get all the air I sometimes need. 

I purchased a device that clips on my finger and gives me a reading of my pulse and oxygen.  Normally you want your blood saturated with oxygen and at sea level I usually measure about 98% which is quite good.  So for part of our outing, we decided to go to a higher elevation and see how it measured.

First though, we went to Wildwood park.  This is run by the Department of the Interior, so it is covered by our annual pass and we didn’t have to pay to get in.  We have been there before because it is very close to Mt Hood RV Park, one of our favorite places to stay in the mountains nearby.

Wildwood has many picnic areas and trails to walk.  The local trails are paved and easy walks, while those that go further are gravel.  The local trails go down to the Salmon River and intertwine with it and some of the adjacent wetlands.


At part of the trail, there is a fish viewing area where there is a window into a small creek that feeds the river.  The water is low at the moment due to the season, but fish were still visible.  Most were under 2 inches, but there was one of about 7 inches swimming in the current.


This is a view of the outside of the fish viewing area.


Along the trail, I saw these fungi growing right out of a tree.


Here is the Salmon River with a pretty good flow considering the time of year.  After we left Wildwood, we drove up to Timberline, which is at roughly 6,000 feet elevation.


On the road to Timberline, we came across 2 waterfalls.  The one above had a parking spot across the road so we were able to get pictures.  The second one was slightly smaller and didn’t have a spot to pull over.


Once we got to Timberline, we had a great view of Mt Hood.  At least for about 5 minutes we did.  As you can see, a cloud is starting to move in from the left.  Within 5 minutes, the mountain was fogged in and if you had not seen it earlier, you would not have known it was there.

We stayed up at Timberline for about 45 minutes.  I took the pulse-ox measurements several times and they averaged about 94% which is somewhat lower.  The real test will be to see what it is at night when I can’t sleep at altitude.

So while the measurements didn’t lead to a firm conclusion, they did give us a great excuse to go visit the mountain!

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Margie M. said...

What a great place to visit. All of the photos were really beautiful.

Thanks for sharing everything with us.