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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

RV Down for Repairs

Yesterday Carol and I drove the Bounder down to Guaranty RV in Junction City, OR.  It is about 125 miles from home and took about 2.5 hours each way.  We towed our Honda CRV down with us and came home in it.

The Bounder had developed a small crack in the sidewall just under the bedroom slide out.  We had taken it to Camping World locally because they are the only location locally authorized to do Fleetwood warranty repairs.

They diagnosed the crack as a structural problem and Fleetwood authorized the fix but only if CW would guarantee if for a year which they were not willing to do.  So Guaranty in Junction City was the next nearest place.

So now we have to start all over again getting authorization.  I did keep the CW work order to give to the Guaranty folks and hopefully it will speed things up.

We had also developed a water leak in three places, two inside and one inside an outdoor cabinet under the living room slide.  I think all 3 are related as they all showed up at the same time and since it wasn’t raining outside, I suspect it is from the water supply.  I reported that to Guaranty folks too and hopefully they can fix it while it is there.

We were impressed with the service setup at Guaranty.  They seemed fairly well organized with lots of RVs coming in and out from service.  They also have a storage lot across the street with hookups where you can camp as long as you are getting serviced.

We hope to get our Bounder baby back in 2 weeks or so and hopefully all fixed and ready to go.  Our parking space out back looks really different without it.  Though maybe I can get in there now and trim the evergreens shorter while it is gone. They are already overgrowing the spot and hitting the RV.  I just had a major trim job done last year, but the new RV is bigger and I have to park it closer because the bedroom slide is much bigger.  When the wind blows this winter, I am afraid they could come close enough to scratch the side or dump sap on the roof.

I’ll let you know how the repairs go.  We’ve never used Guaranty before, so this is a first for us.

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