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Friday, August 20, 2010

Krazy Kites

Today we left Cathlamet and went to Cape Disappointment, WA, just south of Long Beach.  An easy drive under partly cloudy skies that took about 90 minutes.  As we were driving down Hwy 401, we had a great view of the Columbia River.IMG_6612 Once we arrived at our campsite and got everything setup, we had lunch and then went to the kite festival in Long Beach.  This is an international event and consists of displays of kites, competitions, demonstrations, and many booths selling food, clothing, toys, crafts, and of course, kites.

At the demo area, there must have been 400+ kites in the air.



Some of these kites are very elaborate and require 30 or more strings to properly position the kite relative to the wind.  The kite below has about 25 that I could count.


The animal kites are really well done.  Here is a string of 5 penguin all being held up on one string that eventually goes to a Rogallo wing type kite much higher.


One of the competitions is formation flying.  We watched the Windjammer team from Detroit, MI which consists of 3 guys (Gary Maynard, James Kinsey, George Wright III, and Mike Carlisle) who do stunt flying.  They do tricks in the air, much like the Blue Angels or USAF Thunderbirds but not as noisy or as dangerous.

IMG_6658 IMG_6659

There actually is a 4th member of the team (Nate Williams) but for whatever reason, he was not part of this competition.  Now I need to get with my oldest son, Tim, and see if we can do tricks with our kites in formation!

We went to this same festival a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it.  This time back was just as good if not better.

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Sue and Doug said...

great pictures,Dave..bring on some more tomorrow!!