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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cool, Calm, Cathlamet

We left home about 10:30 for Cathlamet which is about 1.5 hours from home.  A very easy drive, though it was misting most of the way.  Who would have ever thought it would be overcast in mid-August?  Just as we entered the Cathlamet area, there was a fairly serious accident on Hwy 4.  They had flaggers out and traffic limited to one lane.


After we got everything hooked up at the park and had lunch, we went for a walk to the city center.  Just as we were leaving the RV, a barge being towed by a tug came by. 


On the walk we discovered a walking path that took us a short distance up the river.  While there I noticed these pier posts sticking out of the water, each with a weed, plant, or bush growing on it.  Very weird!


As we walked around town, Carol was taking pictures of all the buildings.  Everyone we met was very friendly and thanked us for coming to visit their town.  When we wanted to cross streets, oncoming cars made it a point to stop to make sure we knew it was clearly OK to cross.  All in all, a very polite and charming townsfolk.

Also came across a rather unique street name next to the PUD building.


Tomorrow we head for Cape Disappointment, a little over an hour away.

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Sue and Doug said...

have a nice getaway!!!..hopefully the weather will improve!