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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cape Disappointment – NOT!

When we last left this exciting story, it was before sunset.  Carol took many photographs of last night’s sunset and, as you can see, it was really colorful.


We went to the fireworks which were supposed to start, at least according to the posted schedule, at 9:30.  We arrived in plenty of time, took our chairs, and walked down to the beach and onto the sand.  When we arrived, they were doing night flying demonstrations with the kites.  They use LED lights to really light up the kites, strings, and just about everything else.  Once again, we timed it to see the Windjammers.  Then there was another group was one more group that actually flew their kites for about 20 minutes.  As a result, the fireworks didn’t start until 9:55 or so.  Unfortunately, it was cold on the beach with a stiff breeze, fortunately at our back.


I have a fellow football official who is a licensed pyrotechnician and he happened to be doing this show.  It was a short, but good show.  Nice work Darryl!

Today, we made several short journeys.  First we went to the Beard’s Hollow overlook.  This overlook is new and really has a nice view of the coast.


Captain Beard was a sailor who lost his ship in this area.


After that, we went through Long Beach but it was way too crowded and there were no parking spaces.  So we went to the Farmer’s Market in Ilwaco.  It is a small market with about 30 vendors, only one of which is actually selling produce.  The rest sell mostly craft items.


The market is held right on the Marina so you can see many small ships and boats (by definition, boats can be carried on ships, not the other way around).  The one below is some kind of a work barge that actually has a ramp on the front end that can be lowered and something driven on board.


While the marina was crowded and not too many empty berths, I was able to get a nice one, close in, for my extra yacht.


Later we went down to the jetty so Carol could try her internet.  There is no wireless in the state park and the cell coverage is very poor.  My cell booster makes it marginally useful, but Carol’s computer doesn’t do as well.  So we found this spot near the jetty that had enough signal that she could get on the web.


I’ve seen these navigational aids on the Columbia in many places and I’m guessing that you steer towards them, keeping the size of area in white equal and that tells you that you are on course.  When the next marker shows equal white, you turn in that direction and proceed lining up the markers.  There is also a light at the top so you can use its beam at night to navigate.


Also while we were at the jetty earlier in the day, an eagle scout candidate was working on his project to build a windbreak for the picnic table.  His dad and mom were helping him.  He finished the project and when we came back, it was there, ready to go, except that some calk needs to dry.  In talking with the ranger, he was really appreciative of the project and wishes they could do several more!


Carol went back to the jetty about 4:45 to post her blog and while there, took pictures of the birds.  The one below is interesting because you can see the same type of bird in two different phases of flight, one gliding with wings extended, and one with his wings folded getting ready to push down with them.


We also heard that our son, Jonathan, has been selected to go on to trooper basic training.  Only about a third of his class was selected, so we are very proud of him.  He is the kind of person who makes up his mind and won’t let things get in his way.  Thankfully, with that attitude, he chose law enforcement and not some criminal enterprise! <g>


Sue and Doug said...

all in the name of posting a blog..some people will do anything!!...thanks for sharing your day!!...looked like fun!!

Margie M. said...

I really enjoyed this visit with you today. Beautiful pics. One of these times when we return to Long Beach, without the girls, we'll get to do the more interesting sightseeing things you've posted on. This weekend has been more about them than us. There's always next time.

Judy and Emma said...

Thanks for the definition of boat/ship. I often wondered about that. :)