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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shore Acres State Park

Today we went with our friends Tom and Cindi, to Shore Acres State Park just outside Charleston, OR.  We’ve been here three or four times before, twice in the winter for their Christmas lights.  If you have not been here over the holidays, it is a must see with over 300,000 Christmas lights on display.

When you first enter the gardens at the park, you come to a fountain with walkways leading up and down the garden areas.


Below is a view down one of the pathways.  You can see the hedges that line the walkway.  These hedges at first looked like they had been trimmed too much and in a weird oblong shape.  However, later I read that they do this every few years to control growth and that this “renewal pruning” is essential for the hedge.IMG_5706

At the far end of the pathways, there is a pond you can walk around.IMG_5708 IMG_5713

After the pond, there is a side garden full of roses.  There are many different varieties of rose to view.  In the album below, I’ll put pictures of most of them.

After the gardens, we went down to the cliff-line and looked down on the surf that was crashing over the rocks.  (See Carol's blog  blog for more details on the family that built this place.)


In the picture below, you can see the tremendous forces that shaped this land, pushing up the cliffs as the underlying plates collided over the millions of years past.


After Shore Acres, we went to lunch with Tom and Cindi in Charleston, then to Coquille, OR, where Tom grew up.  We visited the locations of his three houses he lived in growing up in the area.  We also searched for Geocaches.  The first one we looked for, we did not expect to find as it has been reported missing for the last 3 months.  But we did find the other two.  The one Carol is holding below is a “nano-cache” and very small.


For the next one, Tom joined us on the hunt and helped locate the micro sized cache.


Lastly, if you made it this far reading today’s entry, I have something special for you.  It is the weirdest plant I’ve ever seen and they are growing in several areas of the Shore Acres gardens.  I’ve always wondered where these “trafficus coneui” come from, and had I not gone to the garden, I would still be wondering……..


Actually, if you haven’t figured it out now, these cones are being used to cover mole traps in various locations in the garden.

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