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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Round 1 @ Mallard Creek

Played golf all day today – 27 holes.  Since we have a golf-RV package, I have two days to play golf included and I can play as many holes those days as I want.  So today I played 27 holes, first time ever I have played more than 18.  Shot a 45-44-42!  I had a number of pars and a stretch on holes 4-5-6 where I scored par-birdie-birdie.  Unfortunately, I also had some not so good shots.


Played with a nice couple from Tucson.  They are staying here for two months and playing all the golf they can in that time.  Tomorrow, Carol and I will probably go see more bridges and maybe other sites.  We printed out about 20 geocache sites too so maybe we will do those.  Then probably go into town to watch the fireworks at 10pm.



Tee shot on the par 3 7th hole, (actually #25 today).

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