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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Power wash the easy way!

OK, this is probably a guys only post so I’ll warn all the ladies who might be reading to either direct this to their hubby, or if he has a pressure washer for concrete, you might think of this as a gift for him.

What I found through the help of an acquaintance who has something similar, is a device that really speeds up power washing concrete. 

Now my house has a lot of concrete.  Probably about 3000 square feet of concrete which can take days to power wash but also you leave a lot of streaks.  Living in the Northwest, we get a lot of rain in October to June and in the short days of winter, not a lot of sun.  So we get a lot of black moss on our concrete.  If you don’t periodically remove it, the surface gets real slippery when wet.

In the past, I would use my trusty gas power washer to do the job.  But it would take hours and hours (more like days) and the result was usually full of streaks and misses.  Yes it looked better and it was safer, but you could sure see where I had missed or hit it too lightly.

So I heard about a saucer-like device to go on the end of your power washer wand.  This device easily connects and you push or pull it over the surface to be cleaned.


The device, called officially the “EZ Clean Surface Cleaner” is made by Homelite and fits most all power washers.  It can be bought at Home Depot and you can see it online here.

The bottom of the device contains 2 rotating high pressure spray nozzles that clean the surface as you glide along.  The outer rim of the disk has a brush surface to assist in cleaning.


The secret of this device is to cut a path using half the disk while using the other half to go back over what you just did.  In other words, only advance about 7 inches each time.  The device has a 15” cleaning radius, so overlapping will help prevent any missed spots.


The cleaner is not really heavy, but it is easier to pull than push.  The really good part is that they advertise that this will speed up your power washing by a factor of 4!  I have to say, it is more like a factor of 8 or 10!!!



All in all, this is a great product.  I only wish I had discovered it a few years ago.  (I also wish I had invented it!)

You can get larger models with fancier options like a full size handle and casters and 4 nozzles instead of two, but you must be careful that you don’t get too many nozzles and reduce the resulting pressure to where the device is useless.  2 nozzles for $69 seems to work just fine!

So there you have it, either a great tool or a great gift.  And if hubby doesn’t have a pressure washer, you can always get one to attach to the device.


Tim said...

And here I was thinking of borrowing your washer anyway. 10x faster, sounds good to me. Tim

Joseph Russo said...

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