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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Caching in the Coos

Today we went geocaching in Coos Bay.  Managed to find 6 of 8 caches.  One of the two we didn’t find we had to give up on because there were people in the area.  You are supposed to be stealthy so that you don’t get people wondering what you are doing and calling police or coming out after you leave and taking the cache.

Once of the caches we found was really well hidden with fake leaves attached so that it blended in with the surroundings.


This next cache was hidden in a large tree stump.  The canister contained toy soldiers, trinkets, and other small objects. IMG_5952

Another cache was what is called a micro cache.  It was under the sign of a local new & used car dealer on a main street.  Removing it without alerting passing motorists or the used car salesmen was a small challenge.IMG_5953  Here is Carol with another small cache found in plastic tube surrounding a support wire for a telephone pole.IMG_5956

This cache was a small pill container really hidden to blend in with a power box.IMG_5957 This micro cache was in the bifurcation of a tree about 5 feet off the ground. IMG_5960

6 of 8, (really 6 of 7) is not a bad batting average.  To date, we have found 36 caches in Astoria, Lebanon, Vancouver, Seaside, Coos Bay, Coquille, and Mallard creek, just to name a few locations.  And in only 6 weeks!  Not bad.

Tomorrow we plan to go towards Astoria.  I say towards, because it is 225 miles and we expect some traffic on a Sunday, so not sure if we will make it all the way or not.  Either way, though, we plan to be home on Tuesday.

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