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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Brrr! Is it cold?

OK, so it really isn’t cold, just that I have a cold.  Today it really sapped my strength and I didn’t do very much.  Yesterday though, was a different story.

First, started the day early playing golf with my friend Tom Vaughn, a fellow football referee.  Tom’s retired now, so often he and another friend Doug Kretz (NFL scout and also a football official) get together and play.  Doug’s out of town now, so it was just Tom and I.  Had a couple of drives over 200 yards which always helps as they usually go pretty straight.  Had some shorter ones though that didn’t go near as straight as needed. 

After golf, came home and picked Carol up and we got Subway food for lunch and took it to the Port of Camas to eat by the river.  They have some picnic tables there and it is one of our favorite spots to go.



The park also has a couple of memorials for veterans which is always meaningful and shows that the communities care.


Today, I woke up with a cold – actually was awake from about 2:30am on suffering with the symptoms.  Didn’t get much done today but did get a good nap early in the afternoon.  Tomorrow we plan to leave for Mallard Creek, so I’m really hoping to feel better!

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