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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Bridges and Caches

Today Carol and I went on a drive to Sweet Home, Crawfordsville, Brownsville and then back to Lebanon visiting covered bridges and geocaches.   Carol made a small tour of 5 of Oregon’s covered bridges yesterday (see her blog at Bridges of Linn County for more details) so today’s journey was just a continuation for her.  While in Sweet Home, we visited the Weddle covered bridge.


Weddle Bridge

This bridge looked so good so we drove across it.  However, there was no road on the other side, just a high school playing field.  Somehow I think we weren’t supposed to be driving on it.  But since there was no sign prohibiting it or any other indication, I guess we are all right.  At least the bridge is in good shape and had no problem with the car’s weight.

Then we went to Crawfordsville and saw another covered bridge.  As I recall, this one was built in 1932.  All of the bridges appear to have the same internal structure, though the sides on some are more covered than others which are more open.


Crawfordsville bridge

This bridge is for walking only, though it used to be part of Highway 228.  We walked across it and back.

Then we went to Brownsville and walked around the town.  Carol took some wonderful pictures of flowers and this is just a sample of them.


These look like violets to me!

There were many flowers around the town, some on lamp posts, others in tubs in front of businesses, and others just in yards.  All were in bloom on this early summer sunny day.

Then we walked to the Moyer House.  This house was built about 130 years ago and appears to have concrete sides.  It also has two 30 inch in diameter concrete balls guarding the entry stairs.


I wonder what club I would need for this shot? 

This guy Moyer must have really loved concrete or maybe he owned a concrete plant!  On the walk towards the town we came across this tree with the intertwined trunk system.   No idea what it is but it reminded me of a Hawaiian Banyan tree.

IMG_5294 Interesting trunk structure

Then we had lunch at McDonalds and went off geocaching.  We actually did pretty good today, finding 9 caches.  We missed about 4 with several we gave up on because of thorny bushes overgrowing their locations.

One of the first ones we found was made out of an electrical junction box attached to another live junction box.  If it had not been clearly labeled, we probably would have missed it.


Geocache in a junction box

Another cache was in a pioneer cemetery.  This one was a bit trickier as I knew they would not hide it near a grave.  I eventually found it in the hollow of a tree stump.


Caching in the cemetery!

Now we are back in the RV and relaxing from our adventures of the day.

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