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Monday, July 26, 2010

Awesome Astoria

Today was spent in Astoria, OR.  We first went down to Gearhart to a store we know of that sells Crocs.  Unfortunately, this store had a very limited (and I do mean limited) supply on hand and because of “manufacturing difficulties,” wasn’t expecting more before January!

There is a sister store in Seaside but it is no longer owned by the same person.  We decided to go there and see what they had as it is only about a 5 minute drive.  Well, they had tons of Crocs!  All different kinds, sizes, styles, etc.  No manufacturing problem here at all!  So between us, we bought 3 pairs.

Then we came back to the RV and had lunch and then put the bikes on the car and went to the Astoria port area to ride.  We rode for about 5.5 miles on their path that follows the river.  While riding, we saw 4 bulk carriers at anchor in the bay, each about a mile apart.  Within a span of about 20 minutes, three of them weighed anchor and turned up river.


Carol got this great picture of the fishing boat piers.


Here was a fishing boat that was coming down river and into the port.


Also along the path, there is a trolley that runs for about 3 miles in the summer.


After the ride, we came back to the RV and I loaded the bikes from the car back onto the RV.  Tomorrow morning, we head for home.  We have a busy few days ahead of us with the following activities:

  • Tuesday afternoon – I have to go get prizes for a golf tournament I am producing for our referees association on Saturday.
  • Tuesday night – we need to offload some items from the RV as it is going in for some major warranty work on one of the slides that may take 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Wednesday – morning/noon we are going to Kaiser hospital in Sunnyside.  Carol had her open heart surgery there 15 months ago right after they opened the cardiac care center and they are inviting all their first patients back for a reunion.  (She was #11).
  • Wednesday evening I have a football board meeting.
  • Thursday morning we have to deliver the RV at the dealer, then I am planning on playing a round of golf with my partner for Saturday to “warm up.”
  • Thursday afternoon I am helping a friend with some computer issues.  She just lost her husband to cancer last week and he used to be her IT guru.
  • Friday morning I’m playing golf with some more referees that are playing in a tournament with me as a team on Aug 6 in Yakima.
  • Friday afternoon I need to go finalize the tournament details for the next day.
  • Saturday is the tournament I am organizing.

So as you can see, we are going to be busy!  (and I didn’t even list the things Carol has on her schedule that don’t include me!)

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Carol K said...

I'm tired just reading your list. Can I stay in Astoria??