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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tired of Tires

You'll recall, if you read my blog for yesterday about my tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS). It went off on Tuesday indicating that one of the toad car tires was low on air. Wednesday morning I took it to Les Schwab in Warrenton to get a nail removed. No charge, but a wasted 90 minutes.

Well, today as I was pulling into the gas station it went off again. And since I had unhooked the car and Carol had driven it away, I knew it wasn't a car problem. Nope, in this case, the left rear outer tire had picked up a large bolt which punctured the tire. It was losing air rapidly which set off the sensor.

THANK GOD FOR THESE SENSORS! They sometimes drive Carol crazy as we begin a trip and the tires heat up, but that's twice this week that they have really earned their keep, so to speak. I could have easily driven away on Sunday up the freeway and blown the other tire. Then we would have had a mess because not only are the tire stores closed on Sunday, but they probably don't have these tires in stock.

I slowly drove over to the local Les Schwab and confirmed the worst. Another new tire and another $680 or so. And nope, the tire has to come from Bellingham or Moses Lake and won't arrive until Saturday. So I drove home slowly and will go back Saturday to get it installed.

If you read this blog back in April and May during our Grand Circle RV trip, you will remember that I had to replace the front two tires because of alignment issues. Well, now we will replace the third one! Not bad, three out of the six have been replaced and the rig is only 8 months old!


But we made it home safe and that is what really counts. Tires can be replaced (I am becoming somewhat of an expert on that) but people can't.


Carol K said...

You said, "Tires can be replaced...but people can't." Amen to that! And once again, I'm glad we have a hefty emergency fund!

Ali said...

So glad that you made it safely home and that soon you will be getting the tire fixed.

We have had two separate blow outs on the road, both times Ron was able to get off the freeway without an incident. Again, the Lord was definitely watching over us.

Glad you met Margie and Bruce. We hope to meet them sometime along the road.