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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Seaside or Bust

Need to catch up on blog from yesterday first, so here goes.....

We drove to Seaside (about 17 miles down the coast) and first, checked out the Thousand Trails campground there. Looked pretty nice from the road and later in the day we came back and were able to drive through both the north and south sections.

We also went geocaching in Seaside. First we found "Be our Guest Travel Bug Bed & Breakfast." This cache included what is called a "travel bug" (actually several of them). The idea of a travel bug is that it has on it a goal or destination. If you can help the item on its way towards the goal, you take it and drop it in another cache closer to the goal. This bug was headed for Iowa, so we took it and later left it in Astoria. Each travel bug has a unique tracking number, so you go onto and look it up under trackables and then update the location. Kind of neat. Some of these travel the world!

Be our Guest Travel Bug Bed & Breakfast

Our next cache was on the boardwalk. Fairly easy one to find but well out of the normal eyesight. We like to get pictures of each of us holding up the cache. You can see in these pictures that not only do the sizes of the caches differ, but their locations are way different too. We visit places we would have never thought to visit!
On the Boardwalk Cache
The next cache was at an automotive repair place. It used to be a gas station and the cache was on the side near the restrooms. This was another micro cache and it is interesting to see how the creative names tie into the cache. In this case, a holly shrub was nearby.
Holly Jolly Christmas Cache
The next cache was in the back of a shopping center. Turns out there was a picnic table there. The clue mentioned to sit there and watch the herons. While we were checking this micro cache, darned if two blue herons didn't just fly by! This was another micro cache. Micro caches only have room for the log sheet so all you can do is sign it and put it back. Being small, they are harder to find too.

While they shop micro cache

The next cache was back up in the Warrenton area near Astoria and not far from where we are staying. This cache was one that gave us trouble locating it on Monday. We actually had two caches confused. I was tracking one while Carol was looking at the clues for another. So today we both got on the same page and found the "what is a bunker doing here cache." This cache was larger and had room, so we deposited the travel bug that we picked up in Seaside into this cache.

What is a bunker doing here?

Our next two caches were located across the Old Young's Bay Bridge. Unfortunately, that bridge is closed for repairs, so we had to take the long way around. These next two caches were both micro caches and were in Tapiola Park. Both were micro caches. First we found "Tapiola Skate Park" and then "Port of Play." This second one was located very close to construction work and may not be there long.

Tapiola Skate Park

Port pf Play

We went looking for one more and think we found its location, but it appeared that someone had removed it. So we found 7 of 8 which is pretty good for two rookies.

Today I spent time working on a project for a client that took most of the morning. In the afternoon, we were meeting up with fellow bloggers Bruce and Margie. They came to our RV about 1pm and after talking and getting to know each other, we went to lunch in Astoria at the Wet Dog Cafe on the waterfront. Then we came back to the RV and got to know each other even better. It is really fun to get to know someone whose blog you have been reading for the past several months. Lets you put a face to all those words.

Margie and Bruce, fellow bloggers.

After they left, we decided to do some more geocaching before having a late dinner. We went and took a walking path around the airport boundary where 3 geocaches were hidden. The first, called "landing lights" was located near the instrument approach runway end lights (called rabbits by pilots cause you chase them to the runway in IFR conditions). This was another micro cache.

Landing Lights

The next cache was called "Ten Ton Rock" and is named because you are about half the way along the path. This is a good size cache and, among other things, had a travel bug and a deck of cards in it.

Ten Ton Rock

The last cache we went for was W.W.F.T. Not sure what that stands for, but it was way down the trail and off about 50 feet into the weeds. There was a tight path to a clearing where the cache was, but it was full of thorns at the edge. We kicked around a bit looking for it and never did find it. After about 15 minutes, we were tired and hungry and still had a 1.6 mile hike back to the car so we gave up. So we went 2 for 3 on the caches, but more importantly, did a 5+km hike. Carol has always wanted to do one, and now she did without even realizing it. And were it not for geocaching, we probably would not have walked down this path around the runways of the airport. Plus we saw another blue heron there.

On another note, we will be traveling again next week. I'm going to be a mentor to officials at a the state football camp next week in Ellensburg, WA for two days. Then we will visit Alder Lake and Mt Ranier for a few more. So next week is already booked!

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