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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Golf and chores

Yesterday I played golf in a charity tournament with my friends Doug, Tom, and Phil. We shot 6 under par and came in second place. We had 6 birdies and no bogies. We were really playing well. I made 3 of the birdie putts which really helped.

Today was RV chore day. I had a laundry list of items to accomplish:

  • The circuit breaker cover plate was not secure and the plastic housing was broken around the fasteners. So as a result, the screws chewed up the plastic and cracked it in many places. There is a door catch on the cabinet door that was interfering with the cover seating properly and the bozo at the factory that installed it, didn't bother to loosen the catch so the cover could slide in. I put plastic screw anchors where the holes were ruined and that holds the cover nicely. Then I put the catch back about 1/32 of an inch out and the door closes fine and you can still access the panel.
  • Rigged up a hose splitter in my sewer compartment so I can easily use the cleanout while the water is hooked up.
  • Used the vacuum to clean the screens on the 3 fantastic fans. The fans in our 2000 Bounder had screws that released the screens and you could wash them. This 2010 model has the entire fan as a unit, so vacuuming was the only way. It actually worked real well.
  • Checked the house batteries. They are under the middle stair as you enter the RV now as opposed to being in an outside compartment on our old Bounder.
  • Fixed (hopefully) a windshield wiper on the driver side that wasn't hitting all the glass and leaving a real streak right where I always need to look.
  • Put a rubber expandable boot over the arm on our towbar. I modified our Falcon towbar to have these boots to keep road grime off of the expandable arms. Now they slide real easy, but I need to replace boots every so often.
  • Fixed a flange on our power awning that kept coming off.
  • And finally, washed the RV which it needed.

Oh yes, in between, went for a 6 mile bike ride with Carol!

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