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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Football & RV update

Yesterday (Saturday) was a busy day. First off, we needed to get our two cars, one a minivan and the other the Honda CRV we use as a TOAD in for oil changes. Got that done and then did work around the house until 2:15. At that time, two fellow football officials came over so we could carpool to Lincoln HS in downtown Portland to work a NAFL semi-pro football game.

We used a 7 man crew with NFL officials for this game. I am usually the white hat (referee) in most games that I do, but for these I worked as the side judge. I'm one of the 3 co-commissioners of our official's associaton and could have worked the referee position, but we are blessed with 4 fully qualified referees in our association for these games, so I don't mind being the side judge.

As referee, there are many parts of the game you don't see. For example, the referee is concerned with the offensive backfield so they never call pass interference. But as side judge, I'm 20 yards downfield and on pass plays, I'm looking for it. So it gives me a good chance to sharpen up those dormant skills.

The game was won by the Kitsap County Bears over the Portland Raiders, 24-13. There were about 6 turnovers which you would expect in the first game of the season. Next game for me is July 10.

Today I worked on three projects in the RV. First, we have two Direct TV tivos, each on its own shelf one above the other in a cabinet with dark glass in the door. I want to be able to control the TIVOs from either the bedroom or up front. So I use a IR relay system and mounted the remote emitter on the side cabinet above the driver's head where it won't be noticed. Now both units "see" that signal and operate accordingly.

Second was to put a small rail on a shelf I built to get the lower TIVO sitting up higher so the IR sensor is above the wood frame in the glass door. The shelf I built some months ago, but the unit had a tendency to slide forward when accelerating. Now this piece of wood will catch the rubber feet on the unit and prevent it from going into my lap!

Last I made some wooden standoffs to hold the cabinet door slightly open when parked. There is no ventilation in the cabinet and the units make a bit of heat. So by opening the doors just a bit, the air can circulate and cool things down.

Tomorrow we are taking the RV to Astoria for 3 nights. That will give me a great chance to be sure all these mods work as intended. We are also planning to meet some fellow bloggers, Bruce and Margie, whom we've only met over the internet. Should be fun. The last couple (our "carnies") Ron and Ali that we met as bloggers turned out to be really nice people and I expect that Bruce and Margie are just the same.

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