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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Football Camp 2010

Today was the second day of the Official’s football camp here at Central Washington University.  There are actually many “camp” activities going on now here on campus including girls volleyball and cheer camps.

There are 1200 football players that came here Saturday for the 4 day camp.  22 schools, most bringing a freshman team, JV team and varsity team.  The officials came yesterday for our classroom work which included a session with a PAC 10 (soon to be at least PAC 12) umpire and an NFL back judge.

Today the officials worked scrimmage games that lasted 30 minutes between teams.  Then a horn would blow, and the teams would rotate to a different field and a different opponent.  There were 5 officials working as a crew for a game and usually 2 evaluators of which I was one.

Our job was to mentor the crew on the field and take notes of areas where they could do better.  I worked mostly with the back judges and umpires.  I had been to this camp before three times as an attendee and once worked as a back judge, so I didn’t feel too concerned there.  And I used to umpire at varsity level, so that was relatively easy.

I had good guys to work with which really helped.  In fact, I got a lot more out of helping than I thought I would.  I picked up a few small tips that I will incorporate into my game and it will make me that much better on the field as the white hat.

Football camp picture

View from behind the back judge – umpire in front crouched over

After the on field session today, we went back into the classroom to debrief our crews.  By the way, the other official working with me as an evaluator/helper/whatever we are called, was a very experienced official that was the crew evaluator for my state semi-final playoff game last year in the Tacoma Dome.  So it was really nice to work with Larry today.

When the camp broke up, I went with some of the officials from our Vancouver association to lunch and then back to the RV.  Carol and I went geocaching and only found 1 out of 5 caches!  So for the Ellensburg part of the trip, we are 2 for 7 which isn’t very good!  Guess we will have to work on our skills!

Tomorrow we leave here for Alder Lake, near Eatonville, WA and Mt. Rainier.  We will be there for a couple of days, then probably back home.  Of course, the following weekend is the fourth of July and we will be going to Mallard Creek then!

This is my first post using Live Writer.  Carol has been using it for several days now for her blog, so I thought I would try it for mine.  So far, so good.

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