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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Excited in Ellensburg

First, let me welcome some new followers: Kenny and Angela. Welcome aboard! Also I don't believe I welcomed Rick and Paulette. So a belated welcome to you.

So now, let's go back to Friday and I will catch you up.....

I started the day playing golf with 6 other football officials up at Skamania Lodge. It's a tough narrow and hilly course but it does reward good shots. Punishment for the errant ones is usually a lost ball. We play a scramble format and had a real blast doing it. The weather cooperated and we really enjoyed the sunshine. It is about 35 miles or so up the Columbia River Gorge to the course but well worth the drive.

Saturday I got up early to get the tire installed that was ordered Thursday. The tire truck was supposed to come from Les Schwab in Moses Lake by 8am. Of course, there were two of these tires 15 miles away in Portland but for some reason, they didn't go there to get them. Anyway, I called first and good thing that I did as the truck had not come yet. Finally, by 10:30 it came and the tire was delivered.

So I carefully drove to the local Les Schwab on 5 good tires and one now totally flat. Fortunately I made it safely. Took about 45 minutes to get it all done. The bolt was about 3 inches long and had totally come through the tire so it was junk. After taking the RV back home, I started getting ready to do the oil change. I could not find a local place to do it for me as the RV is over 12 feet tall and their doors were exactly 12 feet or some less.

Carol and I drove to WalMart so I could get the oil and a filter too. I have all the other tools needed which is handy. As we were in the automotive section, I could not find the filter, so went to ask them about it and noticed that they did oil changes there and that their bay doors were at least 16 feet high. Whoopie!

Brought the RV to them to change the oil for $54. I used to pay over $100 at a local car repair place and $84 at Camping World. So not only is this place less than 2 miles from us, it is way cheaper too. And it is kind of hard to screw up an oil change!

After leaving WalMart, I got a call from Dave at Les Schwab. I had asked him to keep an eye out for a used tire of the right size so I could store it as a spare. That way, if we are on the road and need a new tire and none are local, we can at least get it mounted and installed. Well, he had found some and I went over to pick that up and get it on board.

Then back home to clean the tow bar pieces as they were really dirty after our trip home in the rain from Astoria.

Today, we left home at 9:30 for Ellensburg. Fairly uneventful trip except for the wind which really got to blowing. It was raining in Vancouver when we left, but by Hood River it had stopped and by the Dalles, the sun was out. Trip took about 5 hours including stops, lunch, etc.

We went on the campus of Central Washington University to look for geocaches. Found one out of two and then went to dinner.

Tomorrow starts referee camp where I will be helping as an on-field mentor. Should be fun!

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Ali said...

Have fun at camp! Glad you got the tire repaired and found a place to do your oil change.