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Monday, June 14, 2010

Awsome Astoria

Arrived here about 2:30 today after an uneventful trip. RV park has a 9 hole golf course. Last time we were here, the golf course wasn't in great condition with most of the greens having mats that the ball would not stay on. Looks like they may have done some work on it, so hopefully I will see if it is better.

After arriving, we went down to the port of Astoria to look at a cruise ship that was docked there. Turned out to be the Nippon Maru on a 50 day cruise from Kobe, Japan through some Pacific islands (Tarawa, Guam, Hawaii), San Diego, San Francisco, Astoria OR, Victoria BC, then to Alaska. Holds only about 450.

Then we went for a walk and looked for some geocaches. We went looking for one called "fire fire" which was behind a historical marker about a major fire that came through Astoria. The container was on the ground behind the marker. We signed the log book and put the container back. We then walked down Main street and checked out a number of restaurants. We spied the hotel that was in another of our geocaches.

When we walked back to the car and left our parking spot, we decided to go to the Hotel Elliot and check out the geocache there. This one was on the roof. Not only did we find the cache, but we had a great view of the city and surrounding waterway.

Before heading back to the RV, we went back to the port to watch the Nippon Maru depart at 6pm. It was neat to see how it just used its thrusters to push sideways away from the dock, push all the way around 180 degrees and head out to sea. Then to the RV.

After dinner, we decided to do some more geocaching. We quickly found the one at Young's Bridge. It was in a left over storm drain reducing fitting that was buried in the weeds and the cache was inside it. Hard to reach but fortunately we had our walking sticks with us and I was able to manipulate it to where Carol could reach it. For this one, we left a football flipping coin and took a small angel.

Then we tried to find one along a road. After a few minutes, we gave up on it as it was too hard to locate. May try this one again on another day.

Then tried to find one near a bunker on an airport road but could not find the road! (found it later back in the RV on my GPS mapping program). So will probably do this one tomorrow too.

Lastly went to Home Depot to find another one. This was a very small one hidden in the skirt of a light pole. Found it pretty quickly. Took our pictures and came back to the RV for the night.

All in all, a good day. Got a great tour of the town looking for the first cache. Got great views on the second. Visited some areas on all the others that we probably would not have if it weren't for the hunting of the geocaches.

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Levonne said...

I love Astoria. We use to live in Port Townsend and went there often. The Camp Host Housewife