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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Alder Lake

We left Ellensburg this morning after sleeping in a bit.  Fueled up the RV and headed back towards Yakima then west on highway 12 to highway 7 and Alder Lake.  Along the way, there was a stretch of road undergoing repairs.  We had to stop for flaggers and then proceed single file through the work area.

Now, I have been through many work areas.  Lots of times I see things that just do not make sense.  This has to top that list….


I don’t think I have ever seen a 6 foot high step ladder in the middle of a work area with nothing for 100 yards on either side.  Weird!  Guess they just wanted to get a step up on everyone!

Highway 12 is a really pretty ride west of Yakima through the mountains.  Trees, mountains, lakes, really just everything!


There is no cell service here in the park, or for several miles in either direction.  However, my cell booster comes to the rescue and allows Carol and I to get on the net to post blogs and read email, etc.

Tomorrow to Mt. Rainier for the day!  Stay tuned.

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Ali said...

Loved the picture of the ladder...wonder what someone was thinking.

Enjoy your time at Alder Lake.