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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Silver Lake, WA

We decided to go out for the Memorial Day weekend after all. We had thought about leaving on Saturday, but things overtook us. First, I was trying to help out some friends, Jeff and Tracey, with a computer problem. Jeff has tumors in is brain and the outlook is not very good at all. He has three small children and a 5+ acre horse farm and a old house that he started to renovate, but is right in middle of completion.

Tracey had mentioned that her computer had caught a virus and was shutting itself off. When I looked at it, the CPU fan was running slow and had a blade missing, so the CPU was shutting off due to overheating. I replaced the fan (a $10 part) and thought all was well, but then other things were wrong with the unit, probably also due to overheating. So Carol and I decided to just replace the whole computer unit. That way there would be no heat related issues downstream.

So I bought the unit for her and was able to recover her email, calendar, contacts, and browser favorites. Also loaded all her documents and pictures etc. She also had an old printer but it can't be connected because it is a parallel interface and HP isn't updating the drivers for Windows7. So next week we will get her a printer.

So that took all of Friday and part of Saturday. Tracey wanted to have some folks over to celebrate Jeff's birthday. He sleeps most of the time now but was able to be up for his party, so she had that Saturday night. It was great seeing him enjoy his friends at his birthday barbecue.

So all that to say why we didn't go in the RV until Sunday. We decided to go to Silver Lake, WA and we are staying at Silver Cove RV Resort. This is about 50 miles north of Vancouver WA so it was an easy drive.

We arrived around 1 or so and had lunch. Then I took a nap! I'm fighting either allergies or a mild cold, but whatever it is, it made me real tired. After the 2 hour nap (which really felt good!) we drove to the visitor's center and walked their mile long path around the wetlands.

We will probably go up the road tomorrow nearer Mt. St. Helens and maybe find another hike to do. Then will come home Tuesday morning.

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