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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 40 Vancouver, WA (Leg: 235, Trip 3403)

We are now at home after:

40 Days
15 travel legs
3,403 miles in the RV
1,216 additional miles in car
7 national parks

7 states
14 fuel stops for the RV
526.6 gallons of gas for the RV
$1,590.33 in gas for the RV
$1,457.14 in RV parks
6.02mpg for the RV
10 books read on the trip
4 games of golf
90.5 average golf score
and 6 boxes of Cheeze-its

It has been a great trip. Yes we had a few problems (water leak, alignment, tires) but the water leak was self inflicted, the alignment I should have caught sooner and the tires were the result. None of those three reduced our enjoyment of the trip one bit.

The scenery we saw on this trip was fantastic. If you have not made the grand circle tour, I encourage you to do so. You won't be disappointed.

I'm very fortunate to have Carol as my travel partner on these journeys and the journey of life. She's a great planner, organizer, and researcher for RV trips. She described this trip to someone as the "trip of a lifetime." I sure hope not, as we should have many more of the same. Thanks Carol!

Thanks also to all of you who joined up as followers on board the virtual RV with us. It was great having you along. Those of you who commented earned a special thanks as your comments gave us feedback that someone was actually reading the blog. Many thanks!

I'm going to put the blog on semi-hiatus until the next trip. As soon as I know when it is, I'll update the blog. So be sure to check it every so often for periodic updates. I would keep it going, but most of my activities in the next few months will be centered on football officiating items. I am a high school and semi-pro football referee and I suspect that many of you would not be too interested in those activities.

So stay tuned for periodic updates! Now, let's get the next trip planned and on the schedule!


Carol K said...

Thanks for a great trip, Dave! We couldn't have made it without your excellent driving skills. Love you!

John and Ellen said...

Glad you and Carol arrived home safely. Thanks to both of you for the nice work with your blogs and the great pictures. Very well done!

Randy and Pam Warner said...

great details! I love the numbers of your trip. 6 boxes of Cheetos? Nice to see your blog!

Ali said...

Thanks for letting me tag along. Glad you had a wonderful trip and thanks for posting about your gas purchases, mileage, etc. We do the same thing.