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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 39 Pendleton, OR, UT (Leg: 207, Trip: 3,168)

Another state......

And another time zone

Another day, another state, another time zone.

Hard to believe that this great trip is almost at an end! Today we left Caldwell, ID about 9am MDT and headed to Baker City, OR and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. We had visited this center about 15 years ago when our sons, Tim and Jonathan, traveled with us. We thought then that it was a great center and nothing we saw today changed our minds!

They do a great job displaying the Oregon Trail and all that went into making the journey. By far, this is the best place to learn about the Trail and the people who made the trek. If you are ever by there, be sure to stop. It only takes about 2 hours to see it and is well worth the stop.

One of the many exhibits in the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center
that bring the journey on the trail to life

We also had snow just west of Baker City! That's right, snow, in May, in Oregon! And the outside temperature was in the 50s! But we do have pictures to prove it!
Snow starting to stick on the road with temps in the 50's

We found gas at the truck stop near the Wild Horse Casino and RV Park (and golf course) for only $2.93. And if you go in and get a free rewards card, you get 5 cents off every gallon. That's really nice when you buy 45 gallons at a time!

The Wild Horse RV Park is associated with the Casino and we will have dinner there tonight. They have a free shuttle to pick you up and take you there and back if needed. If it is raining, we will use it, otherwise we will walk (about 1/3 of a mile or maybe slightly more).

Tomorrow's last leg is only 221 miles. So we plan to get our usual early start and get home to beat the traffic which can be heavy, especially on a Friday afternoon.

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