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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day 38 Caldwell, ID (Leg: 317, Trip: 2,961

Welcome to Idaho! Today we left Utah and its rocks and made it almost all the way through Idaho too. Actually we are about 40 miles or so from the Oregon border. The roads were actually in pretty good shape most of the way. I think the Director of the Idaho Department of Transportation must be reading this blog. As you may recall, six weeks ago when heading the other direction, I really blasted Idaho and a section of the road likening it to the Craters of the Moon.

Well, today as we drove the same stretch of highway that was so poor, the eastbound traffic is diverted onto the westbound side, 1 lane each. The old road has been ground up and is already getting new cement lanes. They made great progress in the six weeks since we were here. Way to go Idaho! (Could be your new state motto!) (See Arizona, we do give credit where credit is due - get the hint?)

I believe the above picture is actually as we are leaving Utah and getting close to the Idaho border. You can see the terrain has totally changed and we are off the Colorado Plateau.

The new tires are running great! The RV is actually running with fewer squeaks as we go down the road. I do think the left front tire was out of balance too, so that may have been a contributor. Ever since we bought the RV, there has always been a small vibration when driving. I just assumed this was normal for this size rig. But today, the vibration has gone and so did many squeaks and rattles.

If you read Carol's blog, you'll see we made an unexpected stop along the way. As we were driving, we saw a road sign for a Oregon Trail Education Center. So we decided to take that exit which was for the town of Glenns Ferry. This was a very small town but fortunately the streets were wide enough for the RV. We drove about 3 miles down to the Snake River and Three Islands State Park only to find out that the center is open Thursday through Sunday. Oh well.

The church sign was interesting enough though: Our Lady of Limerick. I always thought Limericks were 5 line rhyming verses. But there actually is a town of Limerick in Ireland (where else?) and there is a statue of Mary there called Our Lady of Limerick, so not so odd after all. You can read it by clicking here.

I also want to welcome a new follower, Ali. Ali is another RVer who works while RVing. You need to read her blog at to see more about what she does. It is not your ordinary job for sure. Welcome aboard, Ali!


Tom said...

Hi Dave and Carol,

It looks like you guys have seen a lot of great scenery. Lots of great photos. We stayed at Three Islands State Park in Glenns Ferry a few years ago on our way to Jellystone. Let's get together after you get back, so you can tell us the whole story of your adventure, although I feel like I have been riding along with you. Cindi says Hi.


Ric said...

Good morning Dave,
I have been fairly busy, but jumped back into the RV this to see how things were going. I happened to notice the memorial of the trooper. Your comments were appreciated.
See you seen.