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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 37 Brigham City, UT (Leg: 227, Trip: 2,644)

Today we officially started for home. Our first leg is to Brigham City, just north of Ogden, Utah. We picked this stop because it is on the far side of Salt Lake City and all of its traffic and road construction. 227 miles is a relatively short leg but there isn't much for miles beyond it, so it is our spot!

Most of the trip was in rain showers, a few of which were heavy, most of which were just enough to get everything good and dirty from the trip. The drive itself was fairly easy and we arrived in the area about 2pm.

While stopping for gas, I noticed that the front tires had really degraded. The wear bars were showing quite plainly on both tires. I was hoping to delay getting the tires replaced until we got home and I could go to Les Schwab. When I had the front end aligned three weeks ago in Arizona, we weren't sure if the tires would make it all the way home and they didn't. Fortunately, we are back in Les Schwab country, and there was one right up the street from the gas stop.

RV tires for a rig this size are large and not all that common. They did not have the tire in stock in the size needed, but were able to have it sent up from the warehouse in Salt Lake City. They said this would take about 2 hours, but they were slightly quicker. The two tires were mounted, balanced, washed, and put on the RV in about 45 minutes.

RV tires are expensive! These two cost $1,150 so you really have to keep an eye on them. After leaving Les Schwab, we had only 18 more miles to the RV park. I did notice slightly better handling with the new tires and it makes me wonder if the originals were ever properly balanced.

Tomorrow we will press on to Caldwell, ID. That will be a longer leg, over 300 miles. Hopefully the weather forecast of just cloudy conditions with light wind will be true!

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John Bardin said...


Good old Lester Schwab! I've really enjoyed reading your words and seeing the pictures of the 6 NP's, golf courses and such.

Also, all the exercise you guys have been getting must agree with you because you both look fit. Very cool!

Thanks again for sharing your adventure. Please tell Idaho that I plan on visiting in the future.

John Bardin