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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 32 Moab, UT (Leg: 0, Trip: 2,238)

Today I played the local Moab Golf course. It is somewhat hilly, but the greens and fairways are in great condition and a joy to play. Of course, going off the fairway is a whole new adventure! I shot a 91 which isn't too bad. I had about 6-7 decent putts for par but none fell in.

4th hole at Moab Golf Club

The holes all have nice views of the surrounding countryside.

12th hole, par 3 over water

Overall a very enjoyable course to play (and the only one around for miles).

After getting home from the golf, Carol and I went on a 4 mile bike ride. There is a nice cement path that follows a creek down the center of town and it is an enjoyable ride. Unfortunately, the path isn't all that long or we could have gone further. I was also getting tired from playing 18 holes of golf plus the bike ride all at high elevation.

The city park at the end of the trail has something I have never seen before. There are large percussion musical instruments mounted in the play area for kids and adults to play. (There were about as many adults playing as children when I saw them). These are really neat and I wish more parks had them. [Mr B: If you are following the blog, this is a real neat idea!] Below are some pictures of these instruments.

Tomorrow, on to Arches NP for a full day of discovery.

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John Bardin said...

If you are referring to me, yes I think the instruments are very cool, unusual, and are a good idea.

John Bardin