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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 27 Bluff, UT (Leg: 179, Trip: 2,136)

Today we said goodbye to Arizona. We drove from Lake Powell AZ to Bluf Utah. Only 179 miles, but the roads were not in the greatest condition. You can patch a road only so many times and in only so many places!
One too many patches for sure!

To make the trip even more exciting, we spent most of the time going up and then down and then up and then down. At one point, we hit a 10% downgrade. That's fun in a 25,000 lbs. RV! Fortunately, this RV has a "tow" feature which, when turned on, will automatically downshift on hills to hold speed consant.

They are serious - it is really steep.

When you get near Monument Valley, you start seeing some really interesting rock formations. Carol and I independently decided this one looked lile an Indian princess.

Our Indian Princess

We stopped for lunch at Goulding's; a resort, RV park, gas station, airport, tour HQ, gift shop, general store, etc. Whoever Goulding is/was, he has all the bases covered here. The picture below was taken right by where we had lunch. This is also where John Wayne "The Duke" shot a lot of the old cowboy movies.

A pleasant view from our lunch spot

You can see these formations randomly appearing all over the landscape. Erosion supposedly created them, but the only real water they receive is during flash floods. So you can imagine how powerful those rare flash floods are to be able to do this kind of sculpting.

A view near Monument Valley

About 30 miles outside of Bluff, there is a town called Mexican Hat. It's not much, just a few scattered houses. But two miles further and you see Mexican Hat Rock. The top of that rock balanced so carefully is 60 feet across.

Mexican Hat

We arrived in Bluff and also had to change back to Mountain time. So everything is now an hour later. Once we got the RV all setup and connected, we drove over to Fort Bluff. This isn't really a fort, just a group of houses arrayed in a rectangle. When the original Mormon settlers came, they weren't sure if the Indians were friendly or not, so they built the houses close in for protection.

This site is actually being reconstructed by descendents of the original settlers. They are making small cabins and setting them up the way they were originally.

Traditional Navajo house

The grounds also had many wagons, some from the original settlers and some reproductions.

An RV of a slightly older style than ours.
Tomorrow we will visit Mesa Verde NP.

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