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Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 26 Lake Powell, AZ (Leg: 0, Trip: 1,957)

Actual star chart for us last night. Click to enlarge

Last night we looked at the stars before going to bed. The sky here had thin alto stratus clouds so viewing was just OK, not great. I did manage to find most of the constellations that should have been visible.

This morning I went and played golf at Lake Powell National Golf Course. Here they charge non-residents $68 for 18 holes including power cart. If you are a resident or join their club, the cost is on $36 for 18 holes with cart. So I filled out a 1 page form and became a member at no cost. Then since I am over 60, I got the senior rate of $27 for 18 holes including cart. I wonder if I could have shown him my AAA card and got another discount?

The course is really pretty and well maintained. You can visit their website and get information on this course. It is not an easy course as many of the holes are right up against the sandstone cliffs. Of course, this give it some of its beauty and the views from the holes are outstanding.

You must use a power cart on this course. While it is hilly and that, alone, is enough reason, there are several holes quite a distance apart. For example from #1 green to #2 tee, it is 1/2 mile! So they build the cart cost right into the price.

It was a great day for golf. The weathe was sunny with a temperature of 67 degrees and a slight northerly breeze. A golfer's dream weatherwise!

Looking back to the tee from #2 green "Blue Heron", 145 yards, par 3

This is a tricky hole. You can't see it here, but the back of the green slopes down into tangled vegitation. You can't pla this hole long! I scored a par on this hole.

#8 "The Dam Hole," 283 yards, par 4

This was a difficult hole for me. The water is really in play. While I avoided that, I didn't do much else right and scored a double bogey here!

#15 "Cliffhanger" 171 yards, par 3

This hole has about a 120 foot drop from the cliff. The winds tend to blow your shot all over and mine was no exception. Another double bogey here for me.

#16 "Widowmaker" 371 yards par 4

This is a tough hole to play when the wind is coming from the left. If you have a natural fade, that plus the wind can push your ball into and off of the cliffs to the right. I know, I did it. At least I was able to find the ball, but left with no real second shot, I ended up with another double bogey.

I had 5 pars and 4 double bogeys, all the rest were single bogeys (which is what I look to average). I ended up shooting an 89 which isn't bad for my first time on this course. The greens were of a kind of grass I have not encountered before, and they were slow and spongy. That took some getting used to. If we are ever back this way, I hope to play again, now that I am a "member here."

Carol is off doing errands right now which includes shopping at WalMart. Her favorite beverage is Diet Code Red. Unfortunately, it is very hard to find that up in our area these days. Used to be no problem, but they don't distribute it at home. But we have been finding it all over Utah, Nevada, and Arizona. We have at least 10 cases on board now and Carol just called from WalMart saying she found 8 more. Hopefully, we won't be stopped on our travels and arrested for smuggling Diet Code Red into Washington state!

Tomorrow, we leave for Bluff, UT. That will be our jumping off point for several attractions in the area including Mesa Verde NP. Because that park is up over 7,000 feet and most of the nearby towns are also, we have to stay a bit further away than we would like to get to a lower altitude. It will only be a 176 mile drive over mostly back roads, so while not far, it won't be quick either.

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