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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 25 Lake Powell, AZ (Leg: 0, Trip: 1,957)

Today was sort of a day of rest. After the hectic last few days of the vacation, we decided to take a vacation from the vacation! So we slept in, had a lazy breakfast, did the daily crosswords, spent time on our computers, etc. Long about 11, we decided to go to the visitors center at the Dam.

Glen Canyon Dam
Glen Canyon Dam is about 16 feet shorter than Hoover Dam. It was completed in 1966 and has 8 turbines to generate electricity. It can generate enough for a city of 1.5 million or a total of 1300 megawatts. The dam is made of 4.9 million yards of concrete. It was named by Major Powell because the canyon had many glens in it.

345,000 volt lines - now that's high voltage!
I recall at Hoover Dam, there are lot of power transmission towers. Here, there are just these three which then feed to a transformer station. As I understand it, the reason that fewer towers are needed is that the voltage is stepped up to 345,000 volts before being sent onto the western grid.

View east across the lake from our campsite area
After returning to the RV, we had a relaxed lunch, watched some TV and then went for a walk around the campground. It is still a bit windy here, so we only walked for 30 minutes. Across the lake from our campsite there are more neat rock formations.

View southeast from our campsite area

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