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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 24 Lake Powell, AZ (Leg: 254, Trip: 1,957)

Where we are today!

Today we went and had the front end alignment done to the RV. The "toe" was out by over 1.25 inches and that is what caused the abnormal wear on the tire. Both front tires will need replacing soon. I have contacted our dealer to see about getting all covered under warranty which would be nice.

See how the left edge is so much smoother that the other?

Today's leg was 254 miles, though it really isn't that far from Camp Verde to Lake Powell. But you have to add about 60 miles onto the distance because the alignment place was in the opposite direction. Still, I am glad we went there. The service folks at Kirby Automotive in Prescott Valley, AZ were first class. If you ever need automotive help in that area, I recommend them to you.

The drive up in the Flagstaff area was quite scenic. We had trees for awhile which made for a nice break from all the rock formations. Unfortunately, it was quite windy and it was a direct crosswind from the west. We drove most of the way at between 50 and 55mph because of the wind.

I-17 south of Flagstaff, AZ

The roads are not in the best of shape. Many have been patched so many times that the patches have come out leaving small potholes. At 55mph, potholes are exciting in an RV. Everything rattles!

Elk crossing warning but we never saw any.

The sign above is a warning that there are elk crossing in the next few miles. Interestingly enough some signs have the elk pointing left and others right. Are the elk restricted in which direction they can cross the road? Maybe they should put signs up for the elk that cars are crossing!

The Sahara Desert in Arizona??? Almost!

There was a section of road about 20-30 miles south of Page, AZ that was a sandy soil with dunes. The wind blew the sand all over the road. It looked like you were in the middle of the Sahara Desert for awhile. Then the terrain changed again back to the rock structures.

Lake Powell Recreation Area

We finally arrived at Lake Powell (5 miles north of Page) around 4:15. The lake level is down quite a bit which is worrisome since Spring is the time the lake should be at its fullest. We went out to dinner and will probably sleep in tomorrow as we are both quite tired.

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