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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 20: Grand Canyon, AZ (Leg: 0, Trip: 1,570)

We have a new follower (Actually a couple) who registered today. Welcome to Mike and Gerri (Happytrailsga) who boarded the virtual RV today.

We had a busy day today and I am going to leave it to Carol to tell you most of the story of what we did. Instead, in case you were wondering (and even if you aren't), I'm going to give you some details on what we do in a typical day as we are RVing. Don't worry, at the end of this post I can't resist adding a few details from today.....but now, by popular demand....We present: A Day in the RV Life of Carol and Dave.

We normally get up around 7:30. We often wake up a bit earlier, but there is no real action here until that time. If we are traveling, the time may change depending on where we are going and how far it is. But for days like today when we are at a destination, we are pretty constant. The fact that Arizona has no daylight savings time makes the sun rise very early and set early too. It is setting tonight at 7:15 and it will be dark soon after.

Once we are both up, we tend to head to our computers. I make a cup of morning coffee and we both quickly check emails, blogs, the S&P results, etc. At this destination, I have my computer setup in the passenger seat of the RV and have a printer on the dash. Carol has her computer back on the dinette table. Of course for meals, she has to move it. I actually prefer the table for client work so I can spread out, but here I also use a cell phone booster that only works up front.

While I am on the computer, I access the online version of the Columbian, our local Vancouver newspaper. We used to subscribe to the printed version, but of late they either didn't deliver it when they should or did deliver it when we were gone and told them not to. So we decided to give the online version a try. It is cheaper by far and we can still get the paper while traveling. Whoever is connected to the printer also has to print out 2 copies of the daily crossword puzzle so we can work on them during breakfast.

After about 30 minutes or so of computer time, we have breakfast and do the crosswords. Then while Carol takes her morning shower, I either do more computing or other RV related tasks like dumping tanks, etc. Then when Carol is done, she usually starts a load of laundry.

Our on-board laundry is actually a combination washer-dryer. It is made by Splendide and takes a relatively small load. Depending on what is being washed & dried, it takes between 2 and 3 hours to do. You have to be a bit careful that you don't overload it, but it is nice to start it up and come home later and it is done.

Once the laundry is going, we go out for our morning activity. Today we went to a ranger talk. I suspect Carol will have details on her blog so we will skip that here.

Then we either go out for lunch or eat in the RV, depending on the activities we are doing and where they are located. Today for example, after the ranger talk and a short hike to Mather Point, we came back to the RV to eat.

At this time, if there is another load of laundry, Carol starts that and we leave for whatever we are doing for the afternoon.

We usually come back from the afternoon activities and begin working on these blog posts. With the loading of pictures, it can take between 1 and 2 hours to get the blogs posted. Sometimes we eat early (around 5 pm like today), sometimes we eat around 7 if we want to eat dinner late. We generally go out for either lunch or dinner, rarely both and sometimes neither.

After dinner, we may do a ranger talk if there is one we like. Yesterday we went to one on mountain lions. (more on that later). Then usually around 9:15 to 9:45, I will go take my shower while Carol checks other blogs that she monitors and her facebook friends. We are usually in bed by 10pm and if we aren't too tired, we will read for a bit before sleeping.

There, you have a typical day at a destination for Carol and Dave in the RV.

A few other notes & items:

Last night we went to the ranger talk on Mountain Lions. The biologist who spoke wasn't the greatest speaker, but I really liked his details on how they track the lions and where they roam. Some interesting facts on mountain lions:
1. Each male has a territory of about 60 square miles. They do fight off other males who enter their area.
2. The males mark their area with claw scratches on the tree trunks.
3. Mountain lions are ambush killers. They hide and wait for prey to come into range, then jump and kill.
4. Males will kill an elk or large deer once every 10 days or so and stay around to eat it fully over a 2-3 day period. Females go more for deer and baby elk and feed more often.
5. They are very stealthy and stay away from humans. They are hard to spot because of this.
6. There are currently 24 mountain lions on the south rim of the park.
(See, I was too paying attention!).

The ranger showed us a slide of the above sign warning of the mountain lion area and crossing. Today on our afternoon trip, we saw that sign and Carol got a picture of it.

This is the only wildlife I have seen so far up close! Ravens. We did get a quick glimpse of an elk yesterday but not even long enough to get a picture.
I'll close today's posting with some random unlabeled shots from our afternoon activity.

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