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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Trip Minus 7

First of all, a big welcome to three new followers. Joyce was the Finance Director at Sierra Community College and is now the Assistant Superintendent for Businsess at a K-12 school district in the Sacramento area. Kourtney is at Sierra currently and was both Joyce's right hand and also managed the budget. She also became the "Wizardess of Banner." Serra was a client of mine for several years while they installed Banner and Kourtney was the super-user.

Tony Shilz is from a church we used to go to. Tony and I play golf once in a while. As I recall, he works for the local K-12 school district in the classroom with disabled students.

Welcome Joyce, Kourtney, and Tony! The virtual RV now has four passengers.

Today I did play golf with my friend Doug. We had winter weather conditions and the course had a lot of water on it. We played a scramble format where you each hit a shot, then both play from whichever shot was best. Doing that, we were only 5 over par. We both actually did pretty well today. Everything seemed to be working except for our very short game. (In most cases, it was too short). If I can play like I did today in St. George, I'll be pleased. The ball should travel much farther there due to temperature and humidity.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, I will wash the RV and rearrange some of the items in the outside storage compartments. Only 1 week until we leave!


Kiersten said...

I started following! I want a shout out :)

I'm glad to be along for the virtual trip...let's say that instead of riding along in the RV I am running alongside - can this count for my workout?

Raider Dave said...

Sure it will count, but only if you push the RV as you are running.