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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Trip Minus 6

Welcome to Kiersten and Margie M, the latest passengers to get on board the virtual RV as followers of this blog. I know from Carol that Margie M is a follower of her blog too as well as a fellow RVer, so it is great to have her on board. And Kiersten is our daughter-in-law and I'm happy she's on board too!

Today I spent 2 and 1/2 hours washing the outside of the RV. I know it will get dirty on the trip, but I wanted to at least start with it clean. It started raining while I was outside washing it, unfortunately not hard enough or at the right angle to be the rinse part of the job. But now it is nice and clean. I also filled it with gas (gas at $2.91/gal) and topped off the propane.

Had a football officials meeting tonight to go over the NCAA rules test with the guys. They all did OK and more importantly, they all passed. We have another semi-pro game this Saturday night and then I'm done until after I get home from the trip. I'll be leading another training session right after we get back for another league which uses NFL rules. There are so many differences!

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