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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Trip Minus 5

Well, only 5 days left till departure. Today I spent time working on a project for SIG where I used to work. Just trying to get some optimizations into the database. Put about 5 hours into it and really didn't get a lot of speed from what I tried. Oh well!

Also cleaned and lubricated the clips on the tow bar safety chains. These are 4 "chain link" like pieces with a threaded coupling on one side of the link that you can unscrew to open. These clips(see picture below) hold both ends of the safety chains between the RV and the Toad*

There is probably a name for these, but I sure don't know what it is. Anyway, these are on the front of the toad and get a lot of road grime and dirt, especially when the road is wet (like that ever happens up here in Washington!) So all the grime gums up the threads and they become very hard to work with. I clean them with hot water and get all the gunk out then lubricate them and they are good to go.

I also made a modification to my tow bar for the same reason. The collapsible arms were always getting grimey and hard to work with. I put collapsible tubing over these arms with hose clamps on both ends. Now they stay clean and dry and work well. I wish Roadmaster, makers of the tow bar, would figure this out and make it part of the product. They are headquartered here in Vancouver and I showed it to them, but they said it would not help. Well, they are wrong -- it really helps!

* TOAD = what RVers call the vehicle they tow behind their motorhomes. Used for local transportation at locations when driving the RV around is impractical or impossible or just inefficient.

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Carol K said...

Thanks for getting all the RV stuff ready for travel!