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Friday, April 9, 2010

Trip Minus 4 (or maybe 3)

That's right, you heard it here first....Trip minus 4 or maybe 3. We are thinking of leaving on Monday afternoon instead of Tuesday morning. It would make the trip much easier driving wise with no super long days. We wouldn't be able to depart much before 2pm but we could get about 170 miles away pretty easily. I have a lunch meeting with a fellow referee who is a really neat person - very selfless and smart to boot. But after that, we could be on our way!

Today I played golf again with my friend Doug. We both played pretty well--must be springtime, I guess.

Did a few small chores with the RV, nothing major. Tomorrow I want to spend some time repacking some of the outside containers to be sure we have everything we need. Then Sunday we will pack clothes and the final loads of food. Today Carol bought the first load (about 8 bags worth) and packed it into the RV. So we are getting close to going! Tomorrow I have a semi-pro football game to work as referee. Originally, I was the field judge, but the referee (we call them "White Hats" ) had to back out due to other committments. I'll be working with some of my friends including Kevin, Ric, Mike, and another Rick. Hopefully, we will all have a good game.

I have been checking the weather in St. George. So far it has been pretty good. A few days with temps approaching 80 but 25-30mph winds too. Hopefully those will be gone when we arrive.

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Carol K said...

Yay for departing earlier! Thanks for your help loading the groceries.