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Monday, April 12, 2010

Day 1:Pendelton, OR (Leg: 226.1mi, trip 226.1mi)

Welcome to another passenger on board the virtual RV! My friend, Ric, joined the tour. Ric is also a fellow football official and was on my crew for the last two years as umpire. He's a really good guy and a great umpire. Both he and I were selected to work semi-final games in the state championship tournament held up in the Tacoma Dome last November. Welcome to Ric! (Not to be confused with fellow passenger Rick!)

I had lunch with my fellow football official, Rick, who is not only a good friend but our past president of our official's association. We ate at a new Chinese place and my fortune was "Look with favor upon a bold beginning." Sounds like a good omen for the trip!

We left home at 1:32 and drove 226.1 miles to WildHorse Casino & Resort in Pendleton, OR. Drive was uneventful, no weather, no wind, nothing but a few spots of construction in Oregon where they are rebuilding some highway bridges and close one lane. But since there was no traffic, we never had to slow down much at all.

We have been to this RV park/casino once before. There is a championship golf course on the property which is really well kept. I played it last time we were here and shot an 87 which, at the time, was my best round ever. Hope to play it again some day!

We arrived about 5:40 at the park. We were on the road 4 hours and about 8 minutes which is really good time when you realize we did stop in two rest areas to get up and stretch our legs, etc. Be sure to click on the "Where are we???" link under general information on the right side of this page to see where we are. This map will be updated to show where we are each evening.

Tomorrow we will leave about 9 and head to Twin Falls, ID. It is a distance of about 344.45 miles (GPS precision here!) and should take us about 5:48:21 if you can believe the GPS. Of course we will stop a few times including a lunch stop, so it will really take longer. We also have to fuel up before we leave here. I actually have about 2/3rd of a tank left, but we always like to start out full, as the RVcan go about 450 miles on a tank of gass as long as you don't mind running the last few miles on fumes.

By leaving Monday and getting to Pendleton, it will make our Thursday leg an easy one. And that will allow me to "rest up" for my golf game the following day!

The terrain between home and about 30 miles east of The Dalles, Oregon, is windy as you go through the Columbia River Gorge. Very scenic (see Carol's blog for pictures here). Then the terrain changed to pretty flat all the way to Pendleton with just a few small low rolling hills. Tomorrow though, once we get back on I84, we will quickly get into some larger hills. You can see them in the background of the picture below once you look past the tent skeleton.

You can see the flat area where the local Indian tribe holds their summer
"Pow Wow" including the meeting hall tent frame.

We had dinner in the Casino at their buffet. When walking back, we were able to get some great sunset pictures like the one below.


John Bardin said...

Big Dave,

I enjoyed reading you and Carol's road-diary to date. It looks like you have already seen some beautiful country. Likewise, I look forward to hearing about and seeing pictures of Idaho. I have never been, but plan on taking a road trip before leaving the Pacific Northwest.
Also, my mom's family is from Utah and her mother lived in Moab, Utah for many years. If you guys get a chance, it's worth a look to see the amazing geological formations.


John Bardin

Raider Dave said...

Thanks Brother John! Glad you came aboard the virtual RV too!