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Monday, April 5, 2010

Trip minus 8

Today was a weird weather day. Random showers with some wind from time to time. Carol says it "feels like the middle of winter." I don't think it is quite that bad, but maybe.

One of the tasks I needed to get done prior to the trip was to replace some of the spikes on my golf shoes. OK, so that doesn't sound too trip related, but hey, I can't play golf with my friends in St. George without properly maintained equipment, now can I?

In fact tomorrow, I will get another task done for the trip. I'm going to work on my golf game by playing a round with my friend Doug. That sounds trip related to me! After all, I don't want to play badly in St. George!

Also spent part of the day doing some work for SIG/Ventura CCD. I'm bringing some database views up to standard and trying to optimize them. I'm amazed at how much I have forgotten of the technique of optimization in the almost 2 years since I retired.

I'm hoping to wash the RV on Wednesday, weather permitting. I want it to look nice and clean when we depart.


Carol K said...

Should we take bets on how long the RV will stay clean?

Raider Dave said...

Nope. Either way I lose. I still have to wash it anyway!