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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 8: Zion NP (Leg: 30.1, Trip: 1,129.8)

Well, it was a short trip to Zion for sure. Before we left St. George, we wanted to go play pickle ball one more time. However, when we got to the courts, they were mobbed, so we gave up on that idea. Stopped at an RV parts place for some light bulbs and then packed up and left St. George.

The trip to Zion was very easy since it was so short. We are staying at Zion River RV resort. It is a very nice park and you can see it by
clicking here. This park has very poor cell phone signal due to its location, so I have to use my booster to get any kind of a signal. The WiFi is OK, not great. Actually works better for me than Carol. Fortunately, I also have a WiFi extender and she is using that to get a decent signal.

After lunch we drove to the visitor center in the park. From there we took a shuttle all over the park to get an idea of what is here. The shuttles are free and were started in 2000. The park only has 400 parking spaces in it and they were getting 5,000 cars per hour in the peak summertime. So now, after April 1 each year, no private cars can go into the park. You must take a shuttle.

There are some hikes we can do. One follows the Virgin River down the canyon and takes about 2 hours. There are also several shorter ones. They have some strenuous ones for the advanced hikers, which we are not! You can also put your bike on the front of the shuttle and then get off at any stop and ride along the road. We may do that and ride down the canyon. First however, I have to fix the flat tire on my bike which I discovered this morning. Fortunately, we have spare tubes with us and I have all the tools I will need.

If all goes to plan, we will be here till Saturday when we leave for Vegas. Probably Wednesday, we will drive up to Bryce Canyon NP and check it out. It is about 100 miles each way, so it will be a day trip for sure. The weather the next few days is supposed to be cloudy with some thunderstorms, so we want to plan our activities accordingly.

Tonight I will probably Barbecue some tube steaks. Nothing fancy tonight. I wish the clouds would clear off so we could see the stars tonight. The forecast says it should be clear overnight, so we will see.

I don't have any pics to post today, but Carol should have a bunch when she posts her blog a little later today. Stay tuned!

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