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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 7: St. George, UT (Leg: 0, Trip: 1,099.7)

Hole #17 at Bloomington CC, 155 yards, par 3
I played golf at Bloomington CC today again with my friend George. His wife Vickki and Terry's wife Sally also joined us as a foursome and we had a blast. As usual with my game, one day it is bad and the next time it is great. So today I shot 84 (compared to 97 Friday). Had 7 pars and one birdie and actually had puts that just missed on 4 others. So it was a great round. Now, if I could only play like that all the time! I think I only had one bad shot all day and was still able to bogey that hole. I would not mind taking this country club home with me!

Last night we went to Terry and Sally's house to meet up before going out to dinner. George and Vickki came too. We sat out in the patio and the temperature was very pleasant in the shade of the roof. Then we went to the country club for dinner. The food was superb and so was the service. Unfortunately, they are not attracting crowds and for a while, we were the only ones there.

Tonight we are taking Terry and Sally to dinner. Then tomorrow, we pack up and leave St. George and head to Zion National Park. We've been told that the scenery there is superb and are really looking forward to it.

[Update 7pm] If you haven't guessed it by now, I didn't actually shoot the 84 alone. I had a great teammate. What we did was played normal golf on the back nine (which we played first) and I shot a true 44 which was really good. Then for the last 9, Vickki suggested that we partner up and play a scramble, so she and I played against Sally and George. We really played well together and won that part by 3 strokes with a 40. (thanks partner!)

We just got back from dinner with Terry and Sally at Texas Roadhouse. It was a great place to dine this evening and our server, Bart, was from Seattle and just moved into St. George recently.
I see we have a new person on board the virtual RV. Welcome aboard Kevin Kunkel! Kevin is a fellow football official and good friend. Remember, there is still plenty of room in the virtual RV, so feel free to become an official follower by clicking the "follow" button over on the right.

This is our last night in St. George and tomorow we head out to Zion. It has been a wonderful visit with our friends the Spears & Shelleys and are going to be a bit sad to leave. We are already looking forward to coming back! Carol now suggested that we stay for a week next time to get the weekly rate here at the RV park. We may come a few weeks earlier, possibly at the beginning of another long road trip.

Thanks again friends Terry, Sally, George, and Vickki. You are great hosts and made this a memorable visit!


Tom said...

Hi Dave and Carol,

I am just now catching up on your blogs. First, congratulations to Jonathon. I agree with your comments about Arizona rest areas. If you happen to find one open, you better use it, because the rest of them will not be open. I'd like to hear about the Texas Roadhouse; I saw a few of those during my last trip to Michigan, but did not get a chance to eat there. Sounds like my kind of food.

Beautiful day here, today. We worked on building fences all day today - got Cindi away from her schoolwork to help me.

Have fun and drive safely.


Raider Dave said...

Hi Tom!
The weather here has been great! Great time to be down here. There is a Texas Roadhouse in Gresham...we will have to go there when we get back. Have your people get in touch with my people to coordinate!

John Bardin said...

I am really enjoying your blog and hearing about your trip: the folks, sites, and golf sound great. Congratulations on shooting an 84, but the 97!...Likewise, kudos to your son Jonathan (nice name) on his new vocation; good job Dad!

John Bardin